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From Russia. Their songs feel the influence of punk in spite of psychedelic shoegaze sound. This album is not only into the previous scene, can discover to shoegaze sounds of new generation from there.


1. I Turned a Blind Eye
2. Alien Dance
3. Nice
4. Fear For Everyone
5. Off The Beam My Dreams
6. Sit On The Sideline
7. Mainspring
8. Marta
9. April
10. Ups And Downs
11. V


Aerofall, a shoegaze band from Rostov-on-Don in Russia, consists of a female lead singer Yana Komeshko, Vladimir Karpov (guitar), Valery Kalkutin (bass), Pavel Astakhov (Drums) and Vladimir Volodin (Mr. Tamburin Man). Their sound is the blend of psychedelic mood and pop sense, like Serena Maneesh (from 4AD). besides, among shoegaze bands , Aerofall has an outstanding brilliance thanks to the Fall-ish post-punk taste. The band Joined Fight Fest 2013 held in Kiev, Ukraine, with A place to Bury Strangers and an Italian cold-wave band Soviet Soviet. Aerofall, who is already attracted by indie rock listeners, is to release the worldwide debut album that you can’t miss out.
Including the lead tracks like “I Turned a Blind Eye” and “Alien Dance”, the album is not only following shoegaze as a genre, but the leading edge of new generation.


April 2nd 2014