Dream Within a Dream

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The CD will be released in May and is available for pre-order

Oeil's music which blends 90s-style noisy guitar, new wave, and guitar pop, was discovered on the internet by shoegaze fans around the world including the US and UK, and their first EP 'Urban Twilight' has a melancholic atmosphere and It became popular for its fuzz and reverb-filled shoegaze sound reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive.
 "Dream Within a Dream" is the first album to break the long silence with 10 tracks, including early songs and the latest single.
It also includes the singles "Perfect" and "Myrtle" released in 2021, as well as "Strawberry Cream," which gained cult popularity as a representative song of Asian shoegaze in the 2000s.

Track List
1.Born Again
3.Memories of the past
4.Owl Moon
6.After the Rain
8.Blurred lights
10.Strawberry Cream