Penny Diving

Big Inhale

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Big Inhale is the debut album from Montreal based band, Penny Diving.

Their debut album "Big Inhale", which was born from a strong will to absorb difficulties and turn them into power, Chantal says "meaningless without emotions that resonate with the heart."
They also interested in feminism and gender issues, and was created thinking about how it could be replaced in the larger 
context of society. Live set members Melissa di Mena (key, Gt) and Jonathan La France (Dr) supported in the recording.
Mastering by Ryan Morey, who worked on Arcade Fire's "Funeral" and more.
Big Inhale CD/LP

with Signed Post Card(Limited)

1.Can You Feel It

2.I Surrender



5.Silver Lining

6.Shotgun, She Said


8.Constant Craving